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Published Works

All series stories are listed in the order they should be read!

Shorter Works


Unbreakable, a Single Shot Classic. 53 pages / 14000 words.
Latest news.

Sage by J. Rocci, under Torquere Press' Spice It Up line. 43 pages / 15900 words. News and extras.

Ivory by J. Rocci a Torquere Press Color Box. 80 pages / 21800 words. Out of print. Latest news.

The Silver Sun of an Imaginary Day, a Torquere Press Halloween Sip. 27 pages / 7100 words. Out of print. Latest news.

Army boys!

Taction by J. Rocci from Torquere Press. 29 pages / 11400 words. Out of print. News and short stories.

Army Green by J. Rocci from Torquere Press. Sequel to Taction. 126 pages / 24800 words. Out of print. Latest news.

Army Green: Burning Bright, a Torquere Press Sip by J. Rocci. Follows Taction and Army Green. 28 pages / 7300 words. Latest news.

The first ten LJ prompt mini-stories for the Army Green series are available as a free PDF download. Just click here to retrieve the file.

The Courting Series: Cops and lawyers!
Currently out of print!

Commitment, a Valentine's Day Sip by J. Rocci from Torquere Press.</a> 16 pages / 6100 words. News and extras.

Nice: Cornerstone, a Holiday Sip by J.Rocci from Torquere Press. 20 pages / 7160 words. News and short stories.

Nice: Concordant, a Holiday Sip by J.Rocci from Torquere Press. 26 pages / 5500 words. News and snippets.

Concur, a Torquere Press Sip by J.Rocci. 28 pages / 7000 words. Latest news.

Competition by J.Rocci, originally part of the 2011 Torquere Press Charity Sip Blitz, now a FREE READ 28 pages / 7100 words. Latest news.

Nice: Connections, a Torquere Press Holiday Sip, by J.Rocci. 29 pages / 7800 words. Latest news.

Out of print!

Oilsmouth by J. Rocci, originally published in Someplace in This World ed. Lee Benoit, is currently out of print. Latest news.

Dreggers Deep, originally published as a 2010 Charity Sip from Torquere Press and set in the same universe as Oilsmouth, is no longer available for purchase. Keep an eye out for more news down the road!

Menage werewolves!

"This Home We Make" by J.Rocci in Shifting Them, ed. Vincent Diamond. Prequel to "This Home We Defend".

"This Home We Defend" by J. Rocci in Bite Me, ed. K.I.L. Kenny. Sequel to "This Home We Make".

Free Stories!

Puppy Tax by J. Rocci, previously published in Torquere Press' Animal Attraction anthology, edited by Vincent Diamond.

Just Breathe Out by J. Rocci, released as part of the Goodreads M/M Group Hot Summer Days 2011: Don’t Read In The Closet. (Stories of coming out in love, being out in love and committing out in love.)

Crocodylus Acutus by J. Rocci, as part of the Goodreads M/M Group Love is Always Write event. Available now through Smashwords and their Premium Catalogue!

On the web at:
Torquere Books

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Free short stories round-up PART ONE

All of these were written for prompt contests when I hosted the Torquere LJ. The plan is to update this post every time a new prompt contest concludes!

My current catalogue of stories available for purchase can be found here.

Sometimes my stories go out of print and I offer free versions of them. Free stories are available as PDF downloads here!

M/M: Cam/Evan and Derrick/Reo from the Army Green series

The first ten mini-stories for the Army Green series are available as a PDF download. Just click here to retrieve the file.

Cam/Evan; Pumpkin PickingCollapse )

M/M: Donal and John from The Silver Sun of an Imaginary Day:
Couple of your choice visiting New Orleans at any time. I chose John and Donal from The Silver Sun of an Imaginary Day. Spoilers ahoy.Collapse )

M/M: Greg and Boone from the Youthful Gods series
Set after Pretty Pleasures:

Greg, Boone, and a broken sword. Boone"s there in spirit…Collapse )
Greg and Boone and a flat tire on the trailerCollapse )
Greg and Boone. Boone tries to persuade Greg to dance with the maypoleCollapse )
Greg, Boone, an axe and someone with ill intent...Collapse )

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Free short stories round-up PART TWO

Part two of the free reads, since the first post grew too big to fit :P

M/M: Josh and Garrison from the Courting series

The Beginning Before It All Began
Josh/Garrison; First timeCollapse )

Set before "Commitment":
Origins of Muttlee the Destructo DogCollapse )
Set in the middle of "Concordant" on their way into NYC:
Josh does not do well in traffic.Collapse )
Set after "Concordant" but before "Concur":
Josh gets the last pair.Collapse )
Josh, Garrison and a car accident.Collapse )
Josh, Garrison, and a new puppy.Collapse )

M/M/F: Zev, Gareth and Callie from the “This Home” series

Zev and fleasCollapse )
Zev and keepers buying a collarCollapse )

M/M: Brad and Nashan from "Ivory”

Bradley and Nashan, a scene in a kitchenCollapse )
Brad, Movie NightCollapse )
Nashan, bathroomCollapse )
Nashan and a bookCollapse )

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2014 Quick Review


Yeah, 2014 happened.

From the writing side, things were pretty quiet -- which is totally my bad. I've been working on a few stories, and intend to publish some of my out of print ones at Smashwords, so keep an eye out for that. I've also been contemplating dipping my toes in the world of YA books, which might require another pseudonym and additional website. Ah, planning.

From the personal side, the year was pretty rough. We lost one of our furry children after a two-year battle with cancer, and lost a grandfather, a stand-in grandmother, two uncles, and one aunt. So a lot of this past summer and fall was spent traveling and Mr. Bay reaching official pall bearer status.

Not all of 2014 sucked, though -- I also started a new grad school program this Fall, working toward my M.S. again. We had a few pleasure trips in between, including a nice B&B stay for our anniversary out in the Shenandoah Valley (wherein we discovered that, while a lack of cell phone reception is nice for the first 12 hours, we cannot exceed 18 hours without losing our minds), and we made good use of our Virginia Wine Pass for local day trips. We also attended several performances at Synetic Theater, including The Island of Dr. Moreau and Beauty and the Beast, and saw Three Decembers at UrbanArias, which may have made us Opera fans after all, since we'd been disinclined to see another after Cosi fan tutte.

So for 2015, I resolve to post here more often, even if it's just reviews, and have a more consistent writing/publication schedule. You can always find me skulking about on my Tumblr account, where I reblog pretty people and places.

Here's to a productive and healthy 2015!

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You can now find me on Tumblr!

By the way, I might have failed to announce this, but you can now find me on Tumblr:


Mostly I just reblog quotes from other people, pictures with Teen Wolf spoilers, and food I want to eat. But who knows, maybe you'll find something fun?

Come play!

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So imagine my surprise when Radio Love Song went live this morning :)

If you don't have a GoodReads account (or aren't a member of the M/M Romance Group), you can track the story's availability at the new M/M Romance Group website that was created in response to a change in GoodReads' file posting policies.

If you're new to the M/M Romance Love Is Always Write events, how it works is that a reader chooses a picture and writes a prompt for it, which an author then claims and writes the story. The awesome volunteers at the M/M Romance group edit and post the stories all on their own time (and dime) so everyone can read. Seriously, we're talking over a hundred free stories a year!

Go check it out!

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Unexpected Hiatus Over...

SO I took an unexpected hiatus this last, oh say, YEAR. But I'm back now! Promise!

What started out as a bad knee injury for me turned into a new day job, a cat with an amputated leg, a husband with a broken knee, and various family members and friends with other health issues, including me. I'm hoping the rest of 2013 will cut us all a break :P

But I've started to get back into the writing groove lately, and I have two charity stories to announce:

Radio Love Song will be released this summer as part of the GoodReads M/M Romance group's 2013 Love Has No Boundaries event. Stay tuned for a release date!

Start Something New will be released later this year as part of the Torquere Press Charity Sip Blitz! Woot!

Every year, the great authors at Torquere Press put their money where their mouth is, donating their time writing stories for our chosen charity. Those same authors donate any royalties earned on their stories to the chosen organization, with Torquere matching those donations 100%. In the past we've raised $5000.00 for Lambda Legal, over $3000.00 for the Matthew Shepard Foundation, and more than $10000.00 combined for organizations such as NOH8 and Doctors Without Borders.

For the 2013-2014 Charity event, which will premiere in September 2013, we've chosen OutServe-SLDN as our donation organization. OutServe is an non-profit that provides legal services and support to LGBT military individuals and families, working toward equal representation and benefits.

This year's theme for Charity Sips, or short stories, is "In Uniform". Who doesn't love a man, or woman, in uniform?

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FREE READ: Competition (Courting #5)

Competition, the fifth book in the Courting Series, is now available as a FREE READ from Smashwords here:

Originally published for the Torquere Press' Charity Sips Blitz, all of the author proceeds from the sale of "Competition" were donated to the It Gets Better Project. Now that a new year of Charity Sips is available, benefiting the NOH8 Campaign, I decided to make Competition freely available. My new Charity Sip, Dapper Gentlemen, is available for purchase here.

Thanks for reading!

Competition by J. Rocci

Officer Joshua Dabbs and his husband, lawyer Garrison Williams, met while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps ten years ago. Their lives are very different now than from when they first started dating: they're out of the Corps and the closet, they're married and own a house, and they're getting ready to adopt two kids through the state. Josh figures their life is pretty much perfect.

When their friends challenge them to run in the annual Marine Corps Marathon, they find themselves back in D.C. and visiting their old stomping grounds around Quantico. Garrison and Josh enter a friendly competition to see who finishes the marathon first.

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Review: Crocodylus Acutus


FREE READ now available!

So I'm giving Smashwords a try here, starting with a free read:

Crocodylus Acutus by J. Rocci
Written for the GoodReads M/M Romance Group's Love Is Always Write event.

This is the first time I'm using Smashwords, so any feedback on the download process or the files would be welcomed and greatly appreciated.

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